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It Was Consensual - She Called It Rape - Part II

The rape charges against the Duke lacrosse team have been dropped. This topic feeds off of a previous topic I posted March 1, 2007 "It Was Consenual ---She Called It Rape". It was about a friend of mine who was investigated/interrogated because of a consenual sexual act that was later called rape. The charges were dropped, but he will forever have to have that over his head.

Let me say that as a woman, one of the worst things that can happen to you is to be violated...sexually, mentally, emotionally, and physically. BUT...I think too often women put themselves in situations where they do not have control and therefore you have alcohol mixed with raging over zealous hormones...not an excuse for what happened, but you must be more aware of your surroundings and the situations you place yourself in. To answer your question, no I don't put myself in situations that I know would be unsafe.

I would feel remiss in not commenting on the charges that were recently dropped against Duke Lacrosse Team. We all know the story of the team hiring a young black stripper for entertainment purposes and after her "show" she cried that she was raped. I don't think that all strippers are whores and have side jobs, but lets face it, the majority of the women supplement their income by giving extra added "services". This woman, just like the woman that said Kobe raped her, both of them has semen of various other men in their undies...can you say nasty! What type of funk stank nasty azz woman walks around with dirty ass cum stained panties...that is the ultimate in dirty! Yes, I will judge them based on that alone...and I say that because I, like most women I know are cleaner...period!

That said, I feel that this is the reason why most people, myself included, rarely believe when a woman says she is raped. I think the false allegations against this team, Kobe, Tyson, and others has shown that when a woman wishes to "save face" it is easy for her to "cry rape". I also feel that is the reason why a real rape victim, hides and cowers in shame and lives in fear of telling the truth, because they fear that they won't be believed.

I think that all woman that have said they were raped, when they know in their heart it was a consenual act, needs to have charges pressed against them for filing a false report, defamation of character, slander, and anything that is legally binding against them. They don't take into account that all of the men will forever have a black mark against their name because of the accusations. Often times it is not the conviction from the courts that gets you, but rather being convicted in the court of public opinion is far worse.

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