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Addicted To Bling?

After much thought about the comments that Don Imus uttered, I would be totally remiss in not discussing the part that WE (society, but in particular blacks)play in this. Is the black community so blinded that they can't see what is going on? When did Jessie Jackson and Al Sharpton (two men that I don't personally trust) become the voice of the Black Community?

They are protesting that a man be removed from his job, yet when it comes to the "flossing" and "blinging" of the rap industry and their attitudes toward women and the use of the "N" word they are silent...why? Women parading around in next to nothing, parroting sexual acts on the idiot box while men "throw" money at them like dogs is what...okay to them?

Our community plays a vital part in how we are seen and/or portrayed, because the entire world thinks we are a bunch of savage men and loose women. Let's face it, the music industry calls my gender everything but the child of God and I guess if they could find a way to denigrate his name, they'd do that too.

I look around our community and it appears that we are so hell bent on acquiring the material trappings of wealth, that somehow we have lost our way. Parent's aren't parenting and the community isn't cohesive as it once was.

Where are the values of yesteryear? Why is it that grown men are walking around with thousands of dollars in their mouths and around their neck. They ride in luxury vehicles and drink expensive champagne, and flaunt their various material items like King Midas. Which is so funny because when you have money, you don't have to brag about what it is you have. That is the difference I think with old money versus new money flaunts it, whereas old money doesn't have to.

It appears that no one respects anyone, least of all Black men respecting black women. (And note if this doesn't apply to you, then chill). But how can black women get mad over being called bitches, ho's, tricks, tramps, bottom bitches, or sluts, when they can't wait to stand in line to be in the next video or try and get the attention of a rapper to get a "baby daddy". You see grown ass women in the club "dropping it likes it it hot" and you even hear them refer to themselves as "I'm his bitch" as wrong as Imus was in his comments WE are equally wrong for allowing it to continue.

WE have to take responsibility. I don't listen to mainstream radio anymore because the music means nothing to me. Not like it used to when Hip Hop was sending a message through the likes of KRS-One, Chuck D, and Eric B & Rakem. You didn't hear them calling the women out of their names...they sent a message telling us how we needed to uplift ourselves...and not wait on the white man to do it for us. Why should you! No one can hold you back but you! You are only limited by the limitations that you put on yourself.

No one cares how much "bling" you have or whether or not you can buy out the bar! God isn't going to ask you how much money you made on judgement day, he is going to ask you how benevolent were you with your blessings.

Am I me to understand...



torethamaliyah said…
I appreciated your comments on the lack of cohesiveness in the community. I'm blessed to travel in circles of people who largely are aware of this issue and agree on the need to see improvement, so sometimes I forget that not all of us are getting this message. I spoke with a friend of mine the other day about the need for us as black people to call each other out on what we see as each other's shortcomings. We can ask one other, "Why do you make material possessions/ unsupportive partners priorities in your life?" But ultimately, I'm starting to feel like we need to go back to the old days of pulling your neighbor's kid up if they get caught doing what they shouldn't. Then of course, when the parent catches attitude with you for correcting their lackluster parenting, you can take that moment to let them know that they, like their children, are wrong. We don't just need to point each other out, we need to admit our own faults and teach and be taught by one another because ignorance is epidemic.
Anonymous said…
Sassy, you're right on the mark.
I'm generalizing here, of course. But, our community is phucked up. Think, if a brotha who "appears" to have NO material ends (articulate and funny as he may be) steps to the average female right now, she has NOTHING for him. That's why these dudes feel that they have to showcase what they have. The same way, many women feel that we have to use our bodies to get a man's attention. Once we've gotten his attention, we can show how intelligent, witty and deserving of respect we are. Often, by then it's too late. He already sees us as a "piece". And you'd better be a piece who's gonna give it up or in his mind, the next one will. It's all a game. And in the end, we all lose. GAME OVER.

If you ask me, it all goes back to a breakdown of the family. No guidance. Noone instilling a sense of pride, esteem, worth, etc.
Why we're cool with the N word or being "that bitch" or "his bitch", I haven't quite figured out yet. But I'll tell you one thing....we better figure it out QUICK. We have a whole generation of youngins mimicking what we're doing, how we're carrying ourselves and how we're relating to one another.
Quite frankly, it angers and saddens me. I've said enough. I can go on and on. I'll stop here.

Awaiting your next topic and/or other's views about this topic.

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