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One Hot Dream

Ladies…You ever have one of those fantasies that grips you. It’s so erotic and hot that you feel it is real. You can feel the heat emanating from his body, you can feel his hands upon your skin, and his breath reaches deep into your soul and draws out that hot wanton witch that you want to be.

Last night I had a dream like that. One that had me so hot my sheets were drenched from the sweat pouring from my hot and feverish body. I was literally on fire from the deeply hidden thoughts and dreams I had.

In my dreams I can be as wicked as I wanted to be. I can do whomever it is I choose to and there are no repercussions but my own conscience and feelings of “being naughty”.
I have always teetered on and bordered on the freaky/kinky side especially in my dreams. In my dreams I am down for whatever. The sky is the limit and nothing is "out of the question".

This dream in particular HAS been ONGOING for most of my life. It is one where I am restrained completely and utterly helpless and at HIS command. It is as far as I am willing to go in the soft S & M world, but this dream was different because NEVER before did this “master” have a face. But last night, oh last night he took shape. He is caramel colored with big juicy sweet lips, and a commanding air. His arms are strong, his fingers are BIG, and his shaft is long, smooth, and thick. I love being submissive to him and he, in turn loves being dominant over me. He wants to cum and is welcome {in my dreams} to cum all over my body. He can’t wait to see his “art” all over me AND I want him to indulge himself in viewing his “art”.

My body felt my hands tethered to the headboard, while my legs were spread eagled and tied to the foot board. He stood over me, eyeing his handy work and the deft way in which he bound me. He moves his hand along my thick chocolate thigh stroking me lightly with the tips of his fingers. My body is anticipating his mouth upon my center. He does not disappoint me, he moves between my legs and with his strong arms stills my writhing body. He pulls my lower lips apart to grant him complete access to my clitoris. He exposes my hot nub to his mouth then gently he lowers those juicy soft lips of his and flicks his tongue over me. Firmly, he continues to devour me. With each flick of his tongue his strokes become bolder, more intense. The tingling feeling builds at my center. My walls contract. My essence starts to ooze from my center. For this I am punished. He did not permit me to cum and I did not ask if I could cum. I can’t wait for my punishment. He moves his lips from my body and straddles my face and proceeds to whip me with his heavy thick shaft. I love my punishments. I open my mouth to grant him access, but he denies me. He continues to “thrash” my face with his staph. My cheeks and lips are beginning to sting from the “whipping” and despite my cries of pleasurable pain he doesn’t stop until HE is ready. Once he is satisfied with the punishment he has given me, does he move lower to sheath himself slowly into me. I can feel him inside of me. My body gyrates on the bed, twisting and turning from the torturously slow loving he doles out. My body builds towards a climax! My movements increase and my moans grow loud, and as I feel myself about to explode...reality kicks in and the alarm clock goes off!

Each night when I have this dream...I awake drenched with my arms and legs spread. During the night it seems I have acted subsconsciously and submitted to HIS will. This is one dream and/or fantasy that has to come true...

Hmmm…Am I wrong for wanting to submit in such a way…?


Anonymous said…
HECK NAW!!!!!!!! hahahaha... you know me.... ^5 ^5 ^5 iamtoned
launch said…
whew, that was one dream that would be hard to return to sleep from. Someday i pray your fantasy does catch up to your reality. :) :) i must say yo are one talented sister; from stimulating conversation on various topics, too steamy intimacy. a well balanced author
Anonymous said…
You know that's me in that dream...Maybe you should set your alarm 3 minutes later...I hate being disturbed...

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