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Men and Romance- Some Just Don't Get It!

A friend and I were talking recently and as usual the topic was about men and women. We were talking about my last blog (Are Women Whores for Money?" posted 6-12-2007). He said the simple answer is YES...women expect men to pay for the services rendered. A heated debate started and it moved into another topic on why is that men sometimes just don't seem to get it. Why are they (men) afraid to romance a woman?

I stated that men aren't romantic and don't put forth an effort like they used to. I think that is true because I don't think women demand certain things. I think that women are so hell bent on trying to ensure that their man isn't sleeping around that they tend to overlook the small things. I love flowers, and candy and love men just being gentlemen! I (and this is just Sassy), but I expect for a man to open my door, help me with my coat, pull out my chair, go outside on those cold mornings and start my car, scrape the ice off of the windows, make sure there is enough oil in the car turn, I will ensure, his house is clean, his meal are cooked, he gets the loving he needs and wants, and give him his space when he needs it. Men have lost their gentlemanly ways. My friend asked me are men being taught to be gentlemen? He said that his father taught him the courtesy's that are to be afforded to a woman...his boys didn't teach him because they don't know. The parents, (in his opinion) are there to show the boys how to be men and the girls how to grow to be ladies. He said the girls that are whoring themselves had to see a pattern in someone in order for them to learn to whore themselves.

Women go out and buy cute matching bra & panties, they get sexy lingerie, and cook romantic candlelight dinners. Is it too hard for a man to make an attempt to do the same thing? I know women and talk to women everyday who have some problem or another with their man "just not getting it". They aren't loving them right. I had a woman tell me that her man won't hold her hand in public, walks two to three steps in front of her, yet blows a gasket when a man looks at her. She said if you held my hand and "staked your claim" your wouldn't have that to worry about. Its little things that men do, that get women. As simple as men claim they are, women are just as simple. It is so easy to woo a woman with flowery words and sweet promises, but doing something romantic gets her even faster. Something as simple as hand holding, the least invasive of PDA seems to be anethema to men!

SweetShelly69 made an interesting comment when she stated "just get my man to do little things, like sending a card, would be nice". Men, what is so wrong with lighting a couple of candles? How about turning on some light jazz and lowering the lights? You don't think about the little things the women, well not all women, but some women love. Some women say they don't enjoy flowers, yet give them some just because and see the reaction. Some women claim to not need all of the accoutrements, but do it, and reap the rewards.

I know that women have to do their part and for the most part they say they are and if they aren't why isn't there a coversation. This debate went on for hours with this man and I. He said that women need to communicate more instead of dropping hints, because if you don't properly communicate then you won't get the results you're looking for. Ladies, how many times have you communicated to him and come up with no results.

I get it, some men aren't into that dreaded R word for Romance, but sometimes fellas, you just have to put forth the effort! Is Sassy on point, or off the mark?



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