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Wooo Sassy Moment

I am going to try and write this blog without coming off or sounding like a tired bitter woman...but dammit I may not be able to be quite as objective as I would like...I have said it too many times that the relations between men and women has deteriorated. Everyday the situation seems to get worse. The thought processess and the way in which people think (nee men) amazes me...or is it that I think in such a common sense fashion that the way in which others think isn't with common sense??? I don't...the confusion of fending off inapproriate phrases, gestures, comments is getting to the point of making me nasty...and trust me I don't want to be nasty for no reason...I work daily on affirmations of my blessings and my satisfaction with my life...

What makes you think you can do one of the following from just a mere hello:
NO you can't phuck me
NO you can't eat me
NO you can't lick my azz
NO you can't phuck me in the azz
NO I ain't going down on you
NO I ain't giving it you

Where in the blue hell did the thinking come from that from one conversation or one meeting that they are going to be able to phuck you? It is getting to the point where statements like "well maybe I could come over and curl up with you and watch a movie" or "I can always shower at your house" and this one kills "what you cooking" ---makes me want to shout NO motherfucker no!!!! You can't do any of can't smell it, sniff it, lick it, touch it, feel it, stand up in it, bounce it...there is nothing you can do to it that I can't do myself...yeah, I know its better if he does it, but its the approach...sorta like presenting it on the top of a garbage pail...then again, maybe its me...maybe I am too much of a believer of a person coming to you straight as opposed to them sending a representative of themselves...a fake and/or phony felonious imitation...

BUT is it really the fault of men that some of them (nee men) think this way or is it because too many women have given up and just given it a case of that girl called skin hunger getting the best of folks...I don't know...what I do know is that saying dumb crass shyt like the phrases above won't work...not with me...granted you can use the same line on 20 women and out of that 20, 15 may bite...and the other five...just remain...

I need a woo Sassy moment...because my phone is ringing and without even answering it, I can smell the bullshyt all ready brewing...another number to add to the DNA list...(moment of silence)



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