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Is It Okay To Marry For Money...????

A while back I posted a blog entited "ARE WOMEN WHORES FOR MONEY"{} ...I have to ask this question and just put it out it okay for women to marry for money?

I look at the BravoTV series of the Real Housewives of OC, NYC, and most recently ATL and I listen to this young 25yo woman say "at first when I met my husband I was not physically attracted to him, but then I realized he was sweet and very successful..." and I am sitting at home going WTF...I mean for real...don't tell me you didn't find his money attractive first then you began to actually like him...come on...then to have one of the other OC housewives state "I can see what she see's in him, he is a very successful and confident man..." man puhleaze...why won't the women just say it...its fun and good and easy to marry to for money...I won't castigate for saying that...because you are being honest...

But to try and cover it up with flowery words and phrases fools no one...not even the men they are married to...they know that their personalities are for shyt and therefore use their money to attract women...its nothing wrong with it, but call a spade a spade and be done with it...

I listen to these women sitting around gabbing and chatting about their careers and lives and what it is they do and only two of the women on the OC wives actually have lucrative jobs...the others phuck for their supper...hey I'm not saying their is anything wrong with it, after all women, have been doing it for years...all I'm saying, is that its time to own up to it...stop saying you want a "succesful", "financially stable", "financially secure" man all code words for rich, monied, etc...tell it like it is...I WANT A RICH MAN period and leave it at that...let me hear you say I don't want to work any where and I don't want to have to do jack shyt but please my man and live a life of luxury...[repeat that phrase] see it wasn't so hard...

Now speaking of the Real Housewives...the RH of ATL have had nothing but appears that NeNe just got evicted from her home...and Kim lost Big Poppa, so its time to move on to another rich dyck...wonder who it could be???

Your thoughts...



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