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The Continuing Saga of - TIGER GATE

I'd promised myself that I would not succumb to the niggardom of this entire personal debacle of Tiger Woods.

This whole public outrage of "how dare he" or "how could he" is just amazing to me. From the likes of noted celebrity attorney, Gloria Allred who called his apology a “staged public stunt” , to the tricks who actually were integral in “kissing and telling” honestly pisses me off. Folks are screaming for his head like Marie Antoinette, in such a hypocritical matter, appalled me! They should be outraged for the Catholic Priest preying on the altar boys, or for the Child Pedophiles who molest and damage children, but no they are upset over a grown ass man who just couldn’t keep his penis in his pants.

Is it Tiger’s fault that women are attracted to money, fame, and power? Is it his fault that they prostituted themselves just to say “I slept with Tiger Woods”? The women that Eldrick (sounds more ethnic, since he tries so hard not to be) Woods, became involved with were dazzled by his celebrity and [I’m sure, because they are only human], the money got to them as well. For these women to have the nerve to think that he or any married man should apologize to them makes my teeth itch.

How dare you have a sense of feeling wronged? The old adage is this ladies “if he will cheat with you, he will cheat on you” its as simple as that. And for these sluts (yeah, because sluts knowingly pursue married men) to even think that I am stupid enough to believe that they had no idea who Tiger was, is amazing. I flat out refuse to believe that they had no idea who he was. These women have culled their 15 minutes of fame into 3 months now, and not only is it time for them to go, its time that Tiger just moved on.

Yes, I really wish he’d come forth form jump, with this statement “Due to my lack of self control on the part of a plethora of extemporaneous hoochies at my beck and call, I slipped and fell on, then slid inside more than a dozen women. My wife, being the super sleuth that most women are, checked my phone, and then went gangsta on me. I am sorry that I hurt my wife and children in this manner and I would appreciate it if the press would allow our family time to heal from my indiscretions.

Tiger was and is the best damn golfer in the world, and whether the PGA chooses to admit it or not, they need Tiger, more than Tiger needs them.

That’s all he needed to say…and it would’ve gone away. However, I think my friend Grumpy Black from the FAF Message Board said it best…

O-M-G, the self righteous Pollyanna's are certainly on their soapboxes tonite!

Well here is MY soapbox rant: STFU and stop fooling yourselves!

All the 'I don't think I can support him anymore' and all the 'I can't respect him anymore' and all the rest are so full of s**t, it ain't funny. You revisionists and naivete laden sheep want SO MUCH to believe that 'Your' public figure did not, does not, and will not and that is NOT the case. Did you forget about your 'Greatest of All Time' who cheated and squired children with at least 5 wives? How about breathing the 'Air' and paying the highest prices for athletic shoes EVER in the process? And let's not forget your former greatest President in history that had a resume of cheating since his days as the Gov. of Arkansas all the way up to last days in the White House. And all you 'romantics' who live to bury your heads in the sand, how about 'Camelot' where your most beloved Commander in Chief and his brother, the sitting Attorney General of the time, had an ORGY with the leading Hollywood bimbo of the time?

See, if you fake feminists really want to target someone, target the legions of YOUR brethren that shamelessly pursue these married men like packs of hungry wolves.

But THAT would require scorn of a different kind: the kind that alludes to women being the weaker sex while constantly being exulted for being the 'smarter' sex. And that makes the LOGIC of why the seemingly smarter sex does such dumb things for the attention from these 'dumb' men so unanswerable.

See, if this were a true question of ethics and scruples, you'd look at these the same as when, if confronted with a lost purse or wallet, were the contents returned intact or not. If someone found it and removed the money and used the credit cards, then THEY would be deemed unethical and unscrupulous, because that's where the real fault lies. I see a strange car with the door unlocked and the key in the ignition, I don't jump in and ride off or take anything from know WHY: cause it ain't MY car!!

Deal with your whorish brethren and council them on being foolish and lacking of character. But you won't; you'll call them whores and sluts and skanks (which they are) but otherwise give them a pass because it's the easy way out.

And that speaks to YOUR character as well.

~~~Saundra aka SassyScribe~~~


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