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Sistah Big Bones

First let me start off by saying...I am a Full Figured Sistah...

But, why why why, are their so many full figured sistahs out there with their gut hanging out of their shirt? They have on belts that come up under the first gut and not the waist (if there is one)! They also wear these hipster pants, which are made for women with flat azzes and stomachs...not girls with butt and gutt, at least not those whose butt to gutt ratio isn't proportionate. Quite frankly, I am tired of seeing it....I am tired of seeing so many big girls with too little too tight shyt on!

Like I said, I am a full figured sista...size'd never catch me in half of the clothes that they make, because I know what is and is not flattering for my figure. Just because they make it in a 22 doesn't mean it is meant for you. Now granted some plus size women have it going on...i.e. Toccara from Next Top Model has a smoking figure, very proportionate. As is the model on the front cover of my novel THE PARTY! Let's not forget Dana Owens aka Queen Latifah, who is a SPOKES MODEL for Cover Girl! She looks fabulous...I'm sure you'd never catch her in something that wasn't positively flattering to her shape.

But yet and still as I walk the streets from NYC to DC...I see a plethora of BIG BONED SISTAHS, strutting in midriff shirts, short mini skirts, and stilletto's that are screaming to be taken off. The pump fat on the feet is exploding all over the place, yet they think it looks good.

I often blame the men, because in my heart of hearts I know a man had to tell them that they liked the way they looked ergo they think that everyone is going to feel like him...NOT!

If you have a mirror in your house...use it! Look at yourself from all sides before stepping out of the house with a tight body hugging anything...the key to dressing as a big girl is to find that which is flattering to your shape. Clothes that accentuate your body and enhance your best features. It is not meant to draw attention to the 3 rolls in your halter tops are out! No need to show off the chicken cutlets...yeah I said it...that part of the meat between your chest and arms that poke out need to show anything that isn't aesthectically pleasing to the eye...

I want your I wrong for venting on big girls?



Sylvia Hubbard said…
its not wrong to vent and i feel your sentiments.I'm full figured too and I know where you're coming from.
Anonymous said…
Hey SassyScribe,
I can't say enough about this subject, especially since I am a Brother that absolutely adores full figured Sistahs! You have just written what I have been complaining about for the past few years. I have been out on the streets saying to myself, "daaaag, that Sistah didn't earn that outfit" more times than not! Please don't get me wrong. I love stomach, love pouch, suga' cushion or whatever you want to name your gutt. I just don't need to see it hanging all out in public. Do Sistah's still wear "girdles", "hip shapers" or "all in ones" in the new millennium? All I know is that my Mom, Aunties, GrandMom's, etc were all full figured Sistah's and they never stepped out of the house without something holding it down. I'm in my late thirties so I guess today's Sistah's would probably call me a bit old fashion or out of touch or something like that. All I can say is that I know what I like and that simply is a classy looking Sistah in whatever she has on ie: Dressy, casual, jeans, shorts, skirts, tops, whatever!....She can unleash it all when she get's home though. I hope I didn't take up too much of your space. You just hit a nerve and I had to scratch it! And, again this is just MY opinion as a self proclaimed full figured Sistah fan.

Peace & Love,
Anonymous said…
Preach sistah Sassy. said it all..straight to the point...with class and got your point across. Some big boned sisters are beautiful, but they need to pay more attention to what they wear..cause everything ain't for everybody.

And brutbrut...thanks for your comments. You were on point too.


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