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Women...Do You Take On Your Man's Beliefs?

Do you think that women change their beliefs and values system according to the man that they are with?

It is an interesting question. How many of you know women that were adamant and quite staunch on a subject- say infidelity, then they meet a man with a liberal view on it and now all of a sudden, they feel exactly the way he does. Another one, is a woman that was extremely private and conservative sexually, and then she meets a man and he has "opened" her mind to other ways of seeking pleasure.

Is this mindset wrong? Aren't women encourged to "become one" with their mate? IMO, I think this way of thinking is the complete and utter loss of yourself. Before you met that man, you were raised with your parents values and believes. However, as we grow and become adults, (forward & critically thinking) we learn that what Mom & Dad taught/instilled in us wasn't necessarily right, but as you learn and grow to know yourself, you develop/establish your own system of morals, and values, that may not stray as far from the tree as we would like to think.

I just want you to remember that there was a YOU before there was HIM.



Anonymous said…
Hey SassyScribe,
I believe that some women do take on their man's beliefs/characteristics/nature, etc., especially when they are in an intimate relationship. I was always taught that men were givers(sperm) and women were receivers(womb). I've seen some women change from some of my past relationships right before my very own eyes. Case it point - I had a relationship with a very beautiful person inside and out that used ebonics and cussed like a sailor. She as attracted to me because she saw me as somewhat polished. I was attracted to her because I just saw her as a very interesting person that I really wanted to get to know. All I had to do was get pass the hard exterior wall(foul mouth) that she had built up around herself. Long story short. The more I hit it, The more she started to speak proper english and she stop cussing not just around me but around EVERYBODY! She didn't even realize it until some of her family and friends started to bring it to her attention! My hand to God I am not lying either Sassy!!! =)) Her grown daughter told me recently that she still doesn't cuss like she used to till this day! I never told her that I didn't Cuss or that I wanted her to stop. She just never heard me communicate that way around her. Call it subliminal or whatever I don't know. Dag Sassy, you must have been a fly on the wall of my life at one time or another to dig up some of these topics! LOL

I always remembered my grandmother telling my Lady kinfolk to be mindful of who they lay down with because they take on every individual man's spirit everytime they receive his essence. She was also a strong advocate for Marriage because this institution is about two persons becoming one flesh which was the Biblical reference for her statement regarding this matter. A "wives tail" or not who knows, but it is definitely something to chew on..

Peace & Love,
Sylvia Hubbard said…
We do (as women) tend to lean toward that stand by your man philosophy, but growing up with a man (my father had custody of me in a single parent home) I've learned how to stand by your man in public and then put your foot down in private. My father taught me never to showup a man in public. let him think that he's in the right as long as he's not disrespecting you or causing emotional or physical abuse.

I'm an agree to disagree woman and let you think whatever you want to think, but my father also taught me to think on my own and be my own woman no matter what "He" may think and I will do that no matter what. I can't help it, its in my nature and I thank the good lord for a wonderful man like my father.

Author & Blogger of How To Love A Black Woman
SassyScribe said…

These topics (at least some) of the topics have happened to me at some point in my life. Or maybe...we know each othe from another life...LOL

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