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Unnecessary Drama...

Now I know women are gonna trip on this, as my last few blogs have been about women and how we act/react to situations. Now, I enjoy having a good time, socializing, etc...But I went out recently and just experienced some unnecessary drama....

I went out Thursday for drinks to a 30 & over spot in Baltimore called "Melba's Place", nothing much to talk about really, but its closer to me than DC and there are no clubs in Pasadena/Annapolis, that I would go to. While there, I went into business mode handing out my business cards, talking about the books, blogs, and chats...hell, yeah, I even talked shyt to folks, but long story, something happened...

I am lounging in my robe, eating bon-bons, drinking wine, when my phone rings...and as I answer it I hear "WTF you giving me the phone for...I don't know she was passing out her cards...your azz is phucking crazy" then the line goes why would a business card cause confusion...????

I know, I know...maybe the wife has cause/reason not to trust her man, maybe she is just insecure...all I know is, this/was unnecessary drama, but trust and believe, if they call my number again...I am going to cuss somebody out...sorry I had to vent....but that is the craziness that does not allow me to deal with or talk to men that are married/involved...its too much drama...

See its that attitude right there that tells me women are truly crazy...this is especially for the woman, that is going through his cell phone, his wallet, pockets...etc...when you go searching for shyt you will find it. You knew that the man you married/got involved with was a runner before you hooked up with him! Hell, if your honest, that's how you met him... your not going to change him now...sorry!

Phew I had to vent on this one...



Anonymous said…
That's definitely some very unnecessary drama to say the least! Don't even waste your breath when they call back. Life is way too short to be trippin' back and forth with STUPID PEOPLE!

Peace & Love,

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