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I'm Pregnant...He's Married

This is to spin off from my last know the more I thought about cheating and women dealing with openly and knowingly with married men, I asked myself --"Why are the women allowing themselves to get pregnant by a married man?" That question boggles me, as most of the things that my gender does.

See, my thoughts are, if he is cheating with you, number one, not only are both of you wrong, but it shows that he ain't giving two damns about his wife at home if he is willing to sleep with you on the raw. Yes, I know the arguement...raw feels sooooo good...its nother better than sliding between those hot slick slippery walls, but remember, everything has a price.

Most men don't want to wear a condom, its up to the women to make them, yall know my feelings (and the Pro-Lifers are going to eat me up) but a baby is so easily eliminated from your life (I am not an advocate for abortion as a form of birth control, but why have a baby that no one wants), whereas a disease such as herpes, HIV/AIDS is something that lingers for life...there are some diseases that women get, bacterial diseases from phucking dirty dycks and sucking various ones, that trichomoniasis, chlymidia, and other candidiasis are not even thought of...hell babies aren't even planned, but yet and still you do it raw.

Now fellas, why not think about how dirty her coochie may be...she could have one of the candidiasis bacteria, you slide up in her, then go home and slide up in your wife, now she has it...because you have carried to what do you do? If your woman is not phucking around on you, then she is going to blast you with "WTF did you give me" or "You gave me XYZ"...

My point is this, I know women that have affairs with married men and I know some that have gotten pregnant, some on purpose, some by mistake, but if your not using protection, its not a mistake because you wanted it to happen. Anyway...women need to look at the man, if he is sliding in you raw, and he is married, what makes you believe that he isn't sliding up in someone(s) else in the same fashion? Its just something to ponder... the tenet of "if it feels good, do it" is all well and good, just be smart about safe with it, and be more concerned with self, than the man...

Just My Two Thoughts on it...



Anonymous said…
Hey Sassy,
Thank you for staying in my neighborhood on this issue! I hope it is helping somebody out their that may be dealing with the same stuff! Your blog is now the talk of my office down here in the ATL. I have been spreading the word as much as I can. I know that it is hard for a lot of brotha's to sit down and talk about alot of the subjects that you bring up. I just don't care anymore in regard to myself. I am all about helping my people at this stage in my life. Knowledge is power and without it our people will continue to die a slow and unecessary painful death not just physically, but also emotionally and psycologically!

My affair happened over twelve years ago. We used protection the first year or so faithfully. She stopped by my office one night while I was putting in some late hours unannounced. I offered to go purchase some protection, but she then insisted in the heat of passion that it wouldn't be necessary anymore because her Dr. had informed her that she couldn't have any children. She had a cyst on her ovaries and some fybroids, etc. We kicked it raw for almost two years before her now infamous phone call came. I actually thought that she was joking me for a minute until I calmed down and realized that neither one of us were laughing. She knew that my first wife was sickly and could not conceive. She also knew that my wife and I were not having sex because it was too painful for her for a long period of time. NOTICE to EVERYBODY - be careful about who you tell your business too. Everybody doesn't have your best interest at heart. Some people will use your weakness as a way to get what you got! Yes, my wife and my sidepiece were acquaintances. YES THAT WAS REAL FOUL! But it was something that she knew that she could come at me with and she did. I wasn't getting any at home, I was too scared to hire a high class call girl because I didn't want to catch anything, and I was way too shy and actually scared to go out looking for anybody because of the fact that I was married. I know that there are a lot of Brotha's out there hitting whatever and whoever they can for SPORT! That just wasn't my thing. I didn't have the time or energy to go out and try to woo somebody. I just wanted to get with one person that I was comfortable with to get done what I needed. So here I am in a situation where this Sistah came at me. She came at me with a subtle approach. I can also tell you that it worked like a charm. The little compliments, the friendly e-mails that progressed to more aggressive content, the invitations to happy hours and drinks after work and so on.

We were fortunate to skip all of the (desease drama). We were more than able to make up for all of that when the )baby mama drama) kicked in!!

I obviously didn't want to have a child in that situation at all. The only way that she could see it was that her Dr. had informed her that she would not be able to have a child and here she was now pregant with mine. Now here I am looking three dollar crazy with a beautiful wife that I truly loved but was stupidly unfaithful to when she really needed me eventhough she didn't know about my affair while it was happening and another woman that I luved/lusted/cared about that was dead set on doing something for "me" that my wife couldn't.

My wife and I tried to work it out but the trust factor that was once so unshakable could not be repaired. She has sinced re-married as well as myself but the hurt that (I) caused will forever be etched in the anals of my life.

Think about those Marriage Vows when you recite them before God and man..."For richer or for poorer, in sickness and in health, till death do us part". That is some deep stuff to deal with when (LIFE) starts to hit..

Peace & Love,
SassyScribe said…

Thanks for sharing...its not always easy writing in this blog about personal issues...but I want to thank you for actively participating in the blogging.


launch said…
Look at yourself when you enter a relationship and make a commitment to make it work.If not and you get tempted to stray you have to check yourself and say why am i tempted to stray. sit down with your loved one and strive to rekindle that fire, i say that as a reformed person. i had after a breakup found a great woman. though because i got the grass is greener mentality started to look outside the relationship. when i realized what i was looking for was not the same as what i had at home; i thought to myself. Damn i could have had a V-8. luckily no children came out of my loitering period and i worked to repair the trust issue between the both of us. it is a slow process and would not wish anyone to go through that if possible. After magic johnson's admission in 1991 about having unprotected sex even though he had a good women at home. that is a true testament of betrayal, shame, committment and redemption that their relationship lasted. So fellas we must learn from his bad example and that of the cost tipping can have on a relationship. The cost is too high not to try to work things out at home. secondly you must ask yourself are honestly, emotionally, financially, spiritually, professionally able to handle an unwanted/unprepared pregnancy at this stage of your life. if not; the good feeling of the raw has to high a cost for your health and that of your alleged loved one.Nothing gotten by underhanded tactics will not come without a cost. Be mindful of that. Having unprotected sex is playing russian roulette with your life. so the next time the heat rises between two people and their is no protection. think first if i get pregnant, can i trust this person to be around to help raise the child or our his habits now telling me that i will be left high and dry. Ladies hold yourself in a higher esteem not only for yourself that you will steal from another sister but that you devalue yourself in thinking the only way i can get a man is by going raw and risking my health. if that is the case then a red light should come on in your head.

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