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Women, Men, Money, & Power

I don't know where to begin with this...but I guess I will start at the beginning!

I know women all over are going to be very upset with me when I say this...BUT I don't believe women when they say they were hit on or talked to in an inappropriate way. Allegations of Sexual Harassment is so broad and vague, especially in the workplace that an off colored joked OVERHEARD by a woman, a touch to another woman's shoulder are all under the workplace definition of sexual harassment. That's right what happened or what was said to you, can be deemed sexual harassment to another. Crazy right?!!?!

Which is why, this whole Herman Cain 'scandal' has me yawning. These women, supposedly there are 4 now, who signed agreements back in the day to not speak of this, wait until now, when he is running for President to come out and talk about it.? Now they have diarrhea of the mouth---get out of here with that BS. 

I think what really bothers me the most is that they waited, when he was a powerful man then.

The woman speaking out now I really don't believe

Although  [the accuser] say she is not getting paid to come forward, she has hired Gloria Allred, and we all know that Gloria is a money chaser otherwise she wouldn't be representing her.

I don't know, maybe its me and reading too many books on this subject. Oh why did I read books on this subject, because at one time a company I worked for asked me to perform workshops on this subject. See it was a male dominated and male oriented field with a few women scattered about. I don't mind a dirty joke, or hearing curse words, but some of the other women thought it went beyond the bounds of professionalism. So they got their panties in a bunch and I had to teach men on being sensitive and what is deemed sexual harassment. So reading it and seeing out broad the definition is, is why I am not convinced of these allegations.

Listen, the only way a man can get close enough to me to put his hands up my skirt and touch my 'honey pot' is if I am allowing him or he is TAKING it in an overpowering way. Its not going to happen easily. I don't care how bad I may need a job, I am not going to allow it because I need a job...or because he is powerful or whatever.

Who knows, I always pride myself on my strength of mind, and not saying that these women aren't strong, just not believable. 

Saundra aka SassyScribe


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