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Valentine's Day Blues

Sometimes you just want to say Eff it, when it comes to Valentine's Day
  Oh no! That dreaded day is just about 3 weeks away, and all of the single people, women mostly are trying to psych themselves out, by saying "its just another day". Which is true. Valentine's Day is just another day, but as a single person, it just makes your singleness that much more acute. You tend to feel your singleness the most during Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Years, Valentine's Day and your birthday.

How many times have you gotten tired of the squeals and yelps of delight as co-worker, after co-worker, friend, after friend, received a delivery of beautiful long-stemmed red roses, the large heart-shaped balloon or oversized Teddy Bear emblazoned with "I LOVE U" OR "BE MINE"? Do you swear silently to yourself as you plaster a fake smile on your face as you comment happily about their good fortune? Yes, I know, too many times to count. It's bad when you are single, not getting anything screams I AM ALONE!!!

But rather than be down on this day, think of it as an opportunity to love yourself more.

Take it from a single lady, who had relationships and still got nothing on Valetine's Day. Well, that's not quite true, one day while riding down the highway, my then boyfriend handed me my V-Day card as an after thought and I put the window down and threw it out the window. Then another guy I dated used to tell me that he could never celebrate a holiday whose patron saint was homosexual. Yeah, I can laugh now, because as excuses go, it was good, but when he said it, I was angry and irritated. Tell me you don't feel enough for me, but there is no reason to lie.

So after those debacles, I vowed to never allow Valentine's Day to give me the blues! For what? So I decided that Valentine's Day would be SASSY Day. A day for me to date me. Get to know me better and to love myself more!

So I embarked on a journey to wipe out the Valentine's Day Blues by doing a few simple things:

  • Treated myself to a great meal - so what restaurants are full of couples; tonight is about YOU
  • Had a spa treatement - mani/pedi & massage
  • Got my hair done
  • Went shopping (retail therapy always helps)
  • Checked out the latest movie
  • Got together with other single men/women for food & drinks
  • Spent time with family & friends
  • Read /buy a book
  • Visit the local art scene
  • Create a hobby
  • If you have a child(ren) - take them out and spend the day with them and show them that they are your valentine
Those are just a couple of ideas that can alleviate the blues of  LOVE DAY!

For some, the day represents a night of dabauchery! One of hot, erotic, & sensuous buck-nekkedness ;-), and when you are alone with no chance of getting any, you may want to visit your local adult store and purchase some new toys and try them out!

It's truly whatever works for you...just don't sit about moping around singing 'kumbaya". Get up, Get out, and do something!

Happy Valentine's Day!!!

Saundra aka SassyScribe

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virgie said…
well said and great advice. thanks for sharing!

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