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My Issue W/The Black Church...

I have to begin this blog with the caveat that I am a very spiritual person, and I have accepted Christ as my Lord and Savior...however, I do not attend church because of the vast number of hypocrites within.

I'm sorry, I have to keep it real and I want to know why is it that the Black church IMO takes the Bible and bastardizes it for various reasons? You know I've always wondered why Black churches aren't flourishing financially as some others are. I'm not talking about the megachurches, because they get their money because I think they get it..they are about making that paper and at sometimes I view it as a "by any means necessary" mindset to do that. If that means they have to have a banquet and serve - horrors of horrors - WINE with their meal then its done. The bottomline is usually the bottom line.

I look at the cluster of churches in my area and I see how the people react to different things and different situations especially when it comes to secular issues, such as alcohol and sex, and the churches are stuck in the dark ages. Its like they put their head down and avoid discussing such topics as if they are going to go away. The church is a major opportunity to discuss the problems in our community and yet its not done. I say that because we have homosexual's in the congregation, we have closet and/or functioning addicts, we have adulterer's, and abusers sitting in the pews every week, and we are not doing the due diligence in trying to help them. I know that the church can't reach everyone, but what happened to the days of old when the church was the church in our community. I know I may have a slight contradiction to this blog, but the church is supposed to aide in progress of the neighborhood, not hinder it.

Maybe that is why I'm so skeptical when folks say they are saved, because I personally don't believe them. I say that because IMO saved people have a light, an inner light that shines from within, you can't help but be drawn to them because of that light...that love and inner peace that is radiating from them. The unsaved, the wolves in sheeps clothing that shout halleleujah at 10:10 am every Sunday are the ones with that pinched sour look on their faces, the ones who talk about folks the minute the church service is over.

I have major issues with the black church...major issues and it stems from the niggardom that I witness and that which I hear.

When I see people who have grown up in the church, leave their home church because of the shenannigans going on, that says to me that perhaps that church is sick, and that sickness is spreading like a cancer.

Although I no longer go to my home church, it saddens me to see that my parents are nonchalant about attending because of the pastor's dictatorial ways. My cousins who were born and raised in that same church have all left because of the BS going on inside. The conference seems to want more money, but unless they begin to address their shrinking congregations, or even address the number of new start up churches in their area, things are going to continue to go down hill from there.

I don't know about you, but I refuse to go to worship and then complain for an hour afterwords about how things are done. That is not how I choose to worship and that is why I don' least not in a church, because I don't feel and/or believe that you have to attend church to have a relationship with God.

Saundra aka SassyScribe


Grumpy said…
Church has long since stopped being about helping and giving; it's part Soap Opera, part living Play in which you are a revolving character. It's make believe with the only real thing being the money taken in tithes/offerings.

As far as keeping it real, No wife-beater, cheater, whore, thief, killer, abuser, etc. gonna discuss their issues...Especially if that person is the Pastor himself.

Church, in theory, is the best place to work out these issues but WE, The People, are the problem. We disregard 'Judge lest ye be judged', 'let he who is without sin cast the first stone'...No one pays attention to that yet we want others to forgive us OUR trespasses as we cruxify those that tresspass against US. We just some twofaced hypocrite muphukkas...that's just how it go
Java378 said…
I agree with Grumpy.
dell222 said…
I totally agree with Grumpy, the church has lost lot of it's relationship with with the people. It has become a money making venture.

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