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The Lesser of Two Evils..Welfare or Work????

You know...if there is one thing that I hope gets fixed not just in the Obama adminitration's, but just in general and that is the Welfare System in America. I say that because I don't believe that everyone on welfare really needs be quite frank, I feel that the majority of them are working the system, because its easier than getting a job...hell, busting out baby-after-baby is a that most of them can ill afford to have...

The parent's ( I will use that term lightly ) are used to sitting home and collecting a check on the backs of the working poor...why is easier and its the lesser of two evils...I mean who wants to work? Why work when the government will send out a stipend, supplement your rent, utilities, food, and in some cases even daycare...right, now why would a "stay at home mother" need a daycare voucher???

WAIT ...I MUST STOP AND SAY THIS because for those that know me, they know its no secret that I have never planned on being anyone’s mother…they know that I don’t believe in mistakes or an oops, because there is way too much on the market to prevent an “oops”…IMO you can tell that bullshyt to someone else…and don’t get me started on that “the birth control pill makes me sick” crap…like that is the only form of birth control on the market, I mean nothing else works…condoms are always slipping off or tearing…man puhlease, I ain’t buying it …therefore this blog is not meant to offend anyone intentionally, or to step on anyone’s toes, but after listening to a popular drive time radio show this morning I got to thinking about the conversation they had on welfare and it made me wonder…what in the hell happened to the “welfare to work” program? Was there such a program that cut the women off once the child (ren) hit Kindergarten?

You know I think about some of the women that I know for whatever reason had to use the welfare system, but eventually they got it together because they wanted more for themselves and for their child (ren). But I look at these funk stank nastee lazy ass heffa’s and all they want to do is lay home and populate the world even more. Ignorance breeding ignorance is not a pretty site…if you don’t believe me take a trip to your local urban area or local trailer park and you can see that same ignorance being handed down through the generations…

Should the individuals [women] on welfare/public assistance undergo random drug testing?

I say yes…the problem that comes into play with this is myriad and rife with questions; how would the test be administered? Where would the funds come from? When would the process be implemented? What are the rules if caught using drugs? Will marijuana be less of a penalty than cocaine? Will powder cocaine be more acceptable than rock cocaine? What about heroin…or even prescription drugs? All of these tend to cause problems because although I feel that marijuana is harmless, you cannot get a decent paying job without passing a drug test.

So that brings us back to my question…should the women and/or any adult living in their household be subject to random drug testing? If so, what are the consequences? Will you lose all of your assistance, the food stamps, the daycare vouchers, the section 8 certificate…what? How about stifling the number of children a woman can have?

None of the questions I pose has a great answer, because ultimately the children will suffer regardless of the scenario…and I am not say this about everyone on the welfare system, but damn! I get up every morning and go to work…what the hell is wrong with the government not seeing it as a problem! Hell, most of the people on the system have not a damn thing wrong with them other than laziness. They know that if they keep dropping babies every year then that is another 5 years they can sit home. They tend to not even care or worry about a stupid little thing called HIV/AIDS, hell that’s a small thing obviously to them because correct me if I am wrong, but in order to get pregnant you have to engage in unprotected sex…right?!?!?

See that is what I don’t get…really and truly, tell me ladies, what goes through your mind when you lay down with a man that already has a rack of rug rats he is not even about to claim, engage, praise, nuture, RAISE, provide, and protect, yet you think somehow he would be a great Dad? Tell me how do you allow yourself to let a fuck turn into a baby daddy? Riddle me this…if you got pregnant from a fuck, a straight-up fuck, why in the blue hell would you feel it necessary to have the baby?

Its just something I want to know, because I absolutely refuse to believe that all of these out-of-wedlock babies and truly they are bastards because they were conceived out of wedlock (oops, Sassy is going to piss more folks off for saying that dreaded B word, but that is what they are) was conceived in love and not just hot butt nekked lust…and before I go any further I do not believe in abortion as a form of birth control…but I have to say, were I to have ever gotten pregnant from a fuck I know I would have terminated the pregnancy with a quickness…why, because that’s how I think…

I- I always wonder why women have the number of babies they do and by the various men that they have them by…and then when they finally realize their amazing fuck up…some have the audicity to be mad at the man...why is that...should the man be responsible for a baby that he told you he didn't want? For that matter, should my money be responsible for your carelessness and triflingness in have babies you cannot afford...

Yeah this is a gripe, because when I talk to friends that work for government entities that oversee these programs and how their hands are tied because of the burecratic red tape it truly pisses me off...folks struggling to pay their $20 rent, as if its a stretch, when I know others in a legitimate struggle in paying their mortgage...but hey all the mother has to do is ask for a hardship and the government grants it...see how easy it is...maybe I should bust out a few rug rats and just live off of the system...after all welfare is the lesser of two evils...right?

Now I can say... wooo sahhhh



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