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Independent Women & Why Men Fear Them...

I always tell people why it is that I am single. But you know what, the more I think about it, the more I believe that men are just fucking weak! Why is it that an out spoken, self assured, somewhat aggressive, sexy, independent woman is not a “hot commodity” for men? Why is it that men seem to say they want women like that…women that are ambitious and successful and independent, yet when they meet said females, for what ever reason she is not as attractive as he thought? I hear women discuss this issue a lot. Women that own their own homes, that have their own cars, and basically ones that can create a bill and pay that bill are often disparaged by men. A young relative of mine stated that she has had men tell her that she isn’t needy enough…that there really is only one reason as to why she needs a man and that is for sex. Not that she may be, I don’t know, lonely at times…that maybe she would like to have a man in her life for more than just a walking dick, but rather for a companion. Yeah, isn’t that a surprise. She isn’t looking to tie a man down into a relationship, but she does enjoy the company of men, but because of her material assets men are turned off. They don’t feel the need to call her up to see if she wants to go to the movies, or out to dinner…rather they feel that she doesn’t need them and financially, that’s true…but what about emotionally. No she isn’t a needy woman per say, but she does have needs.

Another woman who is a single parent stated she feels the same. Those men think her too strong and therefore, they don’t give this woman the time of day. So sad, but she has to provide for her child, and does that well…again, why is this woman single?

It was told to me over the weekend that in order for me to ever get a man, I would have to dumb myself down to make that man feel more of a man. That I would have to tone down my personality not be as confident, and assured as I am. That when I walk into a room my presence nee personality precedes me and that stung. I pride myself on being confident, self assured, aggressive, assertive…I pride myself on being a woman that does not mix words, it 100% honest and will tell you exactly what it is I am feeling. I mean all of the expert’s espouse that honesty is the general component that is lacking in the dialogue between men and women….right? This is where the confusion comes into play. It is perplexing to hear these confident men talk about women how some women are too needy, yet a woman that isn’t needy enough is an issue. Men, you can’t have it both ways…you nee men are always talking about women not knowing what it is they want, when in fact, men don’t know what they want. And before some hater states that maybe they don’t want me, that is alright, but that isn’t my question. Hey as sexy as I think I am, I know that I am meant for nor am I the type that would appeal to most men…again that is alright…

As a woman, I understand the need to humor men…yes some men need to be humored. I’ve seen it…I’ve done it…and it does work, but I didn’t have to dumb myself down to humor them, I just appealed and deferred to their better judgment…LOL For those ladies that feel that this doesn’t work…do it…humor the man or men in your life and see what happens. The results are amazing…

But the fact remains there are some men that fear independent women, so what can or should independent women do besides “dumming” down to meet the mark?


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Why is it that independent women are disproportionately single? Is it that men are afraid of them or are the women scaring men off not allowing them into their independent world? Women want men to speak on this phenomenon...


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