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No I Don't Want Your Watch Tower....

You know, I have been in a bytchy, pissy ass, mood for the last couple of days…just stupid, asinine shyt that folks do have really pissed me off…phew…I need to breathe!

I am a Starbucks fiend, and for Christmas a friend gave me a $50 gift card…so I stop each morning on my way to work, its part of my routine…for the past couple of months there has been a woman that sits outside in her car and you’d think that she was a customer, but no, she is one of those individuals that really gets next to me…

See I know this is going to piss folks off, but this woman is a Witness…a Jehovah Witness…this woman and folks like her get to me…for several reasons, one of them is that I feel, and these are just my opinions, but they push their religion on you, by trying to get you to purchase their little booklet or whatever ---oooooh The Watchtower or Watch Light whatever, anyway, every morning she sees me and every mooring I say “no thanks” and keep it moving..

But this morning, being in the mood that I am in….she caught hell, what the fuck makes you think that my mind is different today than it was yesterday or the day before that or from the past fucking month…when u see me, and I know you recognize me as I do u because I come here everyday, don’t say shyt to me….Witnesses always want you to come and hear their word, but you refuse to hear mine…oh hell no, I am not the one…

No, I don’t understand why they won’t come into my house of worship…No, I don’t understand, nor do I care to understand why they don’t celebrate holidays, but they will show up on 12/23 to collect gifts, or 12/26 to get something to eat…same as Thanksgiving…it’s a day to count your blessings …I don’t know…all I know is that I am critical of that religion, I have problems with organized religion, because I believe spirituality as opposed to religion…because I “religiously” come to work...doesn’t mean I believe in it or enjoy it…phew

Look, I get and I know that they are out there doing what they are supposed to do and “spread the word” and that whole missionary thing, but like the Church of Latter Day Saints and the like, I could really do without you all knocking on my door at 7am in the fucking morning on a Saturday as if I have nothing else to do but listen to your diatribe about why…at 7am the only thing I want to answer the door for is a Mandingo waiting to dyck me down…other than that…get ta steppin’

Like I said, I am in a pissy pissy pissy mood and today is so not the day to say something untoward, off color, stupid, asinine, you name it and I am not having it…

Pulling out in front of me and going 35 when I am rocking it at 65 and up - a sure fire way to get me to ram your ass just for the fucking hell of it

Talking on your phone while driving and you’re constantly riding your brake – if you can’t drive and talk at the same time, shut the fuck up and put the phone down

Niggas calling after midnight

Niggas calling before 9am

Niggas thinking they gonna hit, just from saying hello or calling you sexy

People asking stupid questions – i.e. “is that a necklace?” WTF is it around my neck!!!!

Niggas with stupid ass come on lines – “you’re beautiful…for a dark skinned woman”

Unruly fucking kids and their ignorant ass, stupid ass parents – and folks wonder why the kids act a certain way, well look at Mom & Dad

Just plain Niggardom as Kat Williams would say in general

Hell, I’m done…just had to get that off my chest…when I go to Starbucks tomorrow, I hope for her sake, that she doesn’t say jack fucking shyt to me…

Woooo Sahhhhhh



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