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Technology & Dating

Dating in today's technological ages has made it easier to connect to a person, however it has added to an increasingly more impersonal method of communicating.

There are alot of individuals that will tell you they date online, and one of the first instances of that communication is an email "ice breaker", "we click", or "flirt" enables an individual to express an interest in you without having to suffer through the face-to-face rejections that may occur through more traditional avenues of dating (i.e. - asking for a dance, or buying a drink in a bar). If your rejected, if you reach out and that person neglects to respond, it is done in the privacy of your home or office. No one knows that he or she didn't like your look or what you stated in your profile (if you've stated anything at all), because no else knows, other than that individual that you weren't interested.

Online dating makes it easier to accept and reject...period. However, say you connect, and then you send a couple of emails. Then you may exchange IM screen names and chat their for a minute...then comes the exchange of the numbers, the countless phone calls, and then the big "meet".

The meet is great, the person actually looks better in person than they do in their online photos. You actually like that [that they look good], because this is the first face-to-face meeting, its a good start to a new friendship, and makes the date a little better. So now you set up another date, and here is where some women say that the problem occurs. The dreaded text message...hmmmm, we've all had them and we have all been there. For some texting isn't an issue, but for others its a problem. Why is it that initially there were numerous phone calls and then all of a sudden the calls stop and are replaced with text messages....?

Now on the flip side...and I am sure those that use online dating can attest to the meet that was not good. The person looks nothing like their photos...they don't have the personality that their profile stated they fact the meet is so bad, that you are finding numerous ways to relieve yourself from them...and guess what the quickest way out of it is??? That's right, text a friend with a "911" and have them call you for the "emergency at home" excuse...not the best way to end the evening, but hey they misrepresented themselves and you weren't having it...

Some say, that texting is a way for a person to communicate with you while enjoying and/or entertaining the company of another. I have heard people say they call someone and it goes to voice mail, however, they get a text message stating that they couldn't get the call or whatever....but this form of communication has become de reguier for many...

On a personal level, I really don't mind text messages, but if you never call me and only want to text me, then I have an issue. No one can really get to know a person, not really learn them, their habits, etc, via a text. Let's be honest, words can be misconstrued and/or the meaning of what it is you are trying to say can be incorrectly perceived by the individual receiving the text.

How many times have you gotten an email and the meaning of the email was meant to be conveyed one way, yet you interpreted the message another way??? This is how some people view text messaging.

I don't I think about the constant changes in technology, and that society, (self included) are in the information age and wanting instant gratification...and folks not having the time to cultivate relationships on a more traditional networking sites are convenient. The ease of information online makes it easier to punch in a login, review personal ads, respond or not, and take it from their...bamb! The ball is thoroughly back in their court and now you can move forward.

Do you feel that technology has helped or hindered the relationship process?

I'm interested in your thoughts?



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