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Talkumentary Film Project - Where The F*** Was Daddy

Have you thought about how your relationship with your father has affected your current relationships with men?

Are you seeking a father figure, someone to mold you and show you that they love you through patience and guidance? Or rather a bad boy that leads (in your mind) an exciting and exhilerating life---a risk taker that leaves you breathless with excitement? Maybe your safe, and because money was tight growing up you seek a man that can offer you the security and stability that you need knowing that although he may not be what you want emotionally, he is what you need to give you that sense of security.

Have you wondered why you interact with men the way in which you do? Do you ever reflect on how your current relationships with men is a direct reflection of your relationship with your father?

These questions have been floating in my head for quie some time as I reflect on how my relationship with my own father affects my relationships with men. I have a fantastic and loving relationship with my father. I thank God, because my parents are still together to this day and my father and I eat lunch or dinner at least two or three times a week together. He is strong, gentle, understanding and loving...I get my need to party straight from him. Anyone that knows him can attest to the fact that not only is he smart, and friendly, but he is easily likeable and is super ole school social butterfly...I am so blessed and fortunate to have a father like him.

Unfortunately, many women aren't as lucky. Some of them have lost their fathers at an early age...a crititcal time where a girl need their father to learn about men. Others, never had a father in their life at all...some were abusive - mentally, emotionally, physically, and spirituallt, while others stayed away until the children were grown, then tried to establish a relationship with them.

It is because of these questions that I have that I wanted to sit down with women and engage their thoughts, reflections, and revelations on this topic.

WHERE THE F*** WAS DADDY? A talkumentary of introspective discussions that explores the relationships black women have with their fathers and how that has affected their current relations with men.

Presented by SassyScribe Media Entertainment and REEL Talk Films

Filming LIVE Saturday, February 2, 2008 from 11am - 6pm at Sojourner Douglass College- Auditorium, 200 N. Central Ave., Baltimore, MD 21202. If you would like to participate, please email asap!


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