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How Important is the Kiss...???

How important is the kiss...I've talked to alot of people and they (IMO lied) when they said that kissing isn't important to it me...but do you really want to talk to and spend time with a person that you just don't want to kiss...

There are so many types of kisses...we have the peck, the french kiss, the wett kiss, the vaccuum kiss...but I am talking about the french kiss...those long, slow, deep, hot and wet kisses...the kind of kiss you got before you became intimate with a person... The kind of kiss that reaches deep into your soul and pulls out everything hidden inside of you...all hopes, desires, wishes, and dreams...all wrapped up in one, hot, moist, tongue dueling, mind blowing, earth shattering K I S S...

Damn...its been a minutes...not everyong can kiss...not like that...with passion so drugging that you just cave in and give yourself up for whatever, whenever, however, whereever...that kind of kiss.

IMO Kissing is a very important aspect of dating, relationships, sex, foreplay---dammit LIFE...its even more important when making ladies know what I mean...when he grips your shoulders and gives you a slow twisting circling grind into your clit, his penis knee deep in AND all the while your tongues are battling it out, each trying to jump into the other....

So many couples don't kiss like they used...even when making love, some women say that their man doesn't kiss them like he wants to, rather the man kisses because he feels he has to....what a shame...There is definately something to the kiss...or am I mistaken...

When was the last time you had a kiss...not a peck hello/goodbye/how was your day...but a real kiss...




I've been told I am a great kisser but I don't do it as much as I used to. Why? Cold sores.

I don't want that mess on my lips and having breakouts, very nasty looking. Cold sores are oral herpes and they can be passed in the kiss. When one of my boys got it, I switched up my game.

No kiss kiss on the lips if I don't know you. Maybe in time when we both get checked out but I have a fear right now.

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