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Dating & Skin Hunger

When did dating become so complicated?
Why is it that its okay for a man to be choosey and picky with his choice of mate/companion, yet not okay for a woman?

Why is it okay for men to ask "why are you single", yet don't want the same asked of them?

Why is it that I am so tired of answering questions like this, that it is amazing...there is so much bullshyt going on now in the dating world to the point that its just crazy...bottom line and women don't know what in the hell it is they want...lets cut out the physical, because I would be lying if I said I didn't want/desire good looking men, but everything that looks good isn't always good for you...isn't that what Momma told you???

On paper folks sound really good, I mean its like "jack pot" and then you get to know this psycho skitzo nut job and you wonder what in the hell happened!

How many of us have gotten caught up with some new shyt and then find out that after you knock the dust off the newness, its just a simple minded person look at yourself in the mirror and wonder WTF!!!! Why am I here with this person...

The answer is plain and simple...the dating game is phucked up because of SKIN HUNGER! Man that skin hunger gets you caught up in its grasp and its hard to shake hunger is at the base of most of the relationships...yeah, yall say I like the conversation but the bottom line is, he stickin' it to you real good or her coochie is blazin'...and when you get caught up in good ass hot ass sex---it is hard to break away from that...hey nothing wrong with hot ass sex, personally I love it...but when they start checking your phone, texting and blowing your phone up, showing up at the oddest of moments like you been should make you say hmmmm time for me to let this nut go...

Nowadays dating reminds me of the phucking Bold & The Beautiful...too many women buying into the man shortage and then they start turning around and looking at their friends ex, or the ex of a relative...they try to come up with excuses as to why this is okay...stating that years have passed so get over it...but the honor code of women is to never fool with one of your man's boys or his relatives...I don't know if men have a code like that or not...but the women I know wouldn't dream of encroaching...

Again its all about Skin hunger will phuck your mind up....can have you calling into work to play hooky (well it is raining outside today and it is hump day, so that wouldn't be a bad idea), it will have men sending care packages like a muphuka---buying shyt they know they wouldn't normally do...sometimes the dyck is so good you just wanna reach out and slap his daddy...women give up their rides during the day just so "he can get around" hunger, makes your body tingle thinking of how the two of you "fit" so well hunger can make you do some real crudball shyt without even knowing it, it has turned you into a man/woman that you do not oh man, skin hunger is a muphafucka...

Shyt, I know some of yall reading this now, saying "dyck/pussy don't drive me crazy" and Imma say your a bold faced muphafucking liar...I know you're lying because I used to get caught up back in the day...hell I remember them well...when you were young you got caught the hell up in skin hunger...

It is my hope that now that you are older (can't say wiser, cause some of yall are doing some phucked up shyt still) and have more control of your baser needs, that there is a little something more that you seek other than how good is the pussy and how big/thick is the dyck...or how much money does he make...check out the content of that character, does the person have integrity...shyt you could end up with that dude who thinks all black women are bitches and sluts...anyway...its more to life, love, and sex, than skin hunger...

I am curious...when was the last time skin hunger took control of you????


P.S. I know this is all over the place, but the thoughts were random and just popped into my head...I hope that won't stop you from commenting...


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