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Are Women Stupid....

Did anyone listen to the Steve Harvey show this morning? Is it me, or are there alot of lonely and desperate women in this world? WTF! Are women stupid...I mean what does it take for a woman to realize that that man does not want them.

Some of the women that called in had some of the most outrageous situations that they were dealing with. To me they were basic jhedi mind tricks but these women were genuinely confused as to what it is they should do...

One man had left his woman and then was making her prove to him that she isn't currently seeing another man. Now the bitch in me immediately reared its head, with WTF she doesn't have to prove a damn thing to him and if I were her, he wouldn't even be able to talk to me, afterall he left for "greener pastures"...

Another woman's husband was telling her that she didn't turn him on sexually and that is why he goes to the strip clubs and watches an excessive amount of porn...and he has her feeling like she has to please him and in doing so she won't be pleased.

I know this is a vent/rant/gripe/bitch session but I get tired of hearing women continuing to allow men to say and do stupid shyt to them. What will it take for women to stop being disrespected by their man or a man? When will that lightbulb go off and they know what I'm phucking done with you? Oh, you said the lightbulb will never go off because women are too scared to be its the lonliness that is enabling them wi

A friend of mine said, and I quote "bitches are stupid, and that is why they get treated they way they do"...and you know what he has a point...until women start commanding respect and stop, JESUS how many times does it have to be said...stop sharing your bodies with random men! I will be the first woman to say "do u", but some of my gender is doing every man that looks at her two seconds longer than he probably should. I will be the first to say that women know immediately upon seeing a man whether or not she will sleep with him...but I am also the first to say, that every thing that looks good isn't always good for you and if you think you may have feelings or could possibly catch feelings then don't do him...but if there is no chance and you need to take the "edge" off & you just want that warm body then stick and move...DAMN! Some women are adept at this and others aren't...not all women equate sex with love...

This rant is not for the strong minded woman that knows herself and isn't in a mad dash to the altar or to rush into a relationship. This isn't for the woman who, although at times she may get lonely, she has other ways to stem off that lonliness by creating a hobby, getting a second job, doing volunteer work, or something other than sitting home wallowing in their lonliness. This isn't for the woman that understands and recognizes her own weaknesses and strenghts, knows that submission and compromise aren't dirty words. This is for the woman that knows that in order for the love to come to her, she must first love herself.


P.S. You know...I know that there will be alot of women that will read this and say "that's not me"...but it is you...I know its you, because I am a woman too...don't think that I haven't been there...on the island of desperate women and in stupidville...I learned from my mistakes...but alot of yall haven' before you say this doesn't apply to you, ask a male friend how he really sees might be surprised...


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