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Oral Sex Nazi's - Should U or Shouldn't U...???

Sassy has a dilemma...and maybe you can help me shed some light and gain clarification...shyt, here are the questions...

Should a woman suck the dyck of every man she has sex with?

Should a man eat the puzzy of every woman he has sex with?

My last radio show dealt with Oral Sex Nazi's and the issue as to why men were not going down on their women. The show aired at midnight and for the first half an hour I was basically talking to myself, but hey it was a Friday night and most people are out in the streets or home asleep. To hear the archieved show click on the link But I am trying to understand what the lady caller was saying.

See Sassy is not a prude and very open when it comes to sex, sexual activities, etc. I try really hard not to judge folks, and as I wrote in yesterdays blog, everyone judges people whether we like it or not...but in this instance I need to I wrong for feeling that a woman who sucks the dick of everyman she sleeps with is wrong? Am I wrong for thinking that a man is nasty if he eats the coochie of every woman he has slept with? I mean I just can't get over the fact that no matter how many baths or showers a person takes with you or whatever, that not every dick nor every puzzy is meant to be sucked and eaten.

I think that not only is oral sex a very important part of the sexual act, but it is also the most invasive of acts. You are actually placing your mouth on the most intimate part of that persons body, therefore, why feel the need to suck or eat? Before anyone gets on their high ass horse, hell yeah I enjoy performing oral sex and find it more satisfying and fulfilling than vaginal or anal sex. But I am asking this, because hell, there have been times in my life, that I have had straight ole hott sex, with no oral involved at all. One of the callers thought that it was crazy to not "do it all" if you are going to do it. Another caller thought that the other two callers were just plain nasty. He said that as much as he loves to eat a woman, he isn't and hasn't gone down on every woman he has been with.

I know that its not right for me to judge, but every dyck should not be sucked and every puzzy was not meant to eaten...cover it up and phuck it...then let it go...that's just MHO...

So help me out...listen to the show...and give me your thoughts! If I am wrong tell me, if I need to be more open to the aspect of sucking every dyck that I allow inside of me...I look forward to your response!



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