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Ladies...What are WE Thinking?

This past weekend marked my families 31st Annual Crab Feast in Baltimore, with over 1100 people in attendance! I know that my girlfriends, family and myself, had a muphaphucking ball! I made well over 500 jello shooters, that I shared with the 200 people that purchased tickets from me. But today, I want to discuss what I saw over the weekend. You know what...I am all for women with banging ass bodies making the most of their "assets", but there is a fine line between sexy and slutty, and trashy and classy. Some of the "uniforms" this weekend, varied from the tame, to the extreme. There were women showing their tits and ass and were offended at the comments that some of the men made because they are wearing a whorish or slutty "uniform". Yes, I sound bitchy, because that is the mood I am in now. Don't wear the dress cut up to your ass showing your damn puzzy to the world and then get upset when a man steps to you on a strictly sexual tip. Don't get offended when you receive lustful looks from men with lewd and lacvious thoughts running through their minds because your blouse is cut to your navel and your titties are wobbling back and forth, almost about to bounce out to show the world!

I overheard a gentleman say, "If a man has a problem finding a woman here today, then he is gay." I fell out laughing, but he said "There is something her for everyone, tall, short, light, dark, fat, skinny, phat, long hair, short hair, no hair, fake hair, no nails, long nails- the whole nine, a man would have to be gay to not see something that he liked." As I talked to this gentlemen we noticed a couple of the outfits of the young ladies and he said, "what in the hell are these women thinking?" I asked him what did he mean. "He said that the ladies are wearing revealing outfits, yet if a mans talks to them about said outfit or compliments them on the outfit they get upset or offended. Why wear a dress or shirt or shorts like that if you don't want people, men and women to comment on it?" I said, I don't know...but he made me think about some of the things that women do. We dress provocatively and then don't want you to comment on it. We DELIBERATELY wear short short skirts, or low cut blouses and then want a man to step to us correctly and not judge us based on the way we are dressed. I hate to say it, but ladies folks are always judging. Even when they aren't saying anything, because they may be too polite, folks are always thinking in the back of their minds "What Da Blue Hell Were You Thinking!".

Even when we go through the internet and look at the photos of some of these womens pages you say to yourself. Hell myspace of full of "supa thick" women, with the dreaded tattoo on their titties in babydolls, bikinis, or just plain nekkedness. Why are your tits onlin? Why are you bent over showing your ass? Unless you are a professional paid for phucker or a professional paid for surviving only on that income exotic dancer, then I have to ask, why are your tits and ass out online? What is the purpose that you are trying to achieve? If its to show off your beautiful body, do you not think that you can't show it off in a t-shirt and jeans and do as most do and take a picture that way? Is because you are looking for validation from men saying that you are phat or beautiful? Is it because of low self-esteem that you have to show off all of your assests in order to attract a man? Is it because the only thing that you are working with or have to offer is your pussy so that is what you put on offer? Because if all you have is your pussy to negotiate with, then ladies, you have A HELLUVA LOT OF COMPETITION to deal with.

I don't know if you want to call this a vent, bitching, complaining or what! But I had to revisit this topic yet again...I am curious as to what men and women think about women that they see showing themselves in a provocative pose online for the world to see. Gentlemen, are they really the type of women you would be willing to call your girl, or are they just the jump off? Ladies, the same goes for you, as much as I love to see and I know I am guilty of half nekked men on my myspace page, they are not, IMO for me to be even considering "my man" material....and that is my personal preference...whats yours?



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