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20 Things Holding Black Women Back

I found this on another message board...check it out!

20 Things Holding Black Women Back

1. Superwoman Syndrome ---I’ve been with a few females who thought they can multitask effectively. It was real annoying when we were talking on the phone. They usually seem very distracted but still insist they are still listening. YEAH RIGHT. Hint: Sisters, it's impossible to work fulltime, raise kids fulltime, go partying fulltime, and chase men fulltime! You'll end up focusing on one and neglecting the others.

2. Fear of Being Alone ---This is all too common with Black females who always are in a relationship and use a “backup” if needed. These backups are usually the "nicer" brothas who think they are number one with the female, but in actuality, they are just getting played. If you want real respect and admiration from a Black woman become, a thug and a felon.

3. Hair, Hair and Hair ---Yea what’s up with females who pay 75+ dollars every two weeks to get their hair done? What's up with sisters paying $400 for microbraids? All I can say about that is that, if it cost that much for my hair to get done, then I would learn to do it myself. I remember when Sisters weren't embarassed to wear, short, neatly styled Afros!

4. The “Too Late” Excuse ---These are Black females who use age as an excuse to not go to college. Usually these are people who are over 25 years old. Also ladies, don't expect those 3-6 month 'fly by night' technical schools to 'guarentee you' high paying jobs-- or jobs at all.

5. Bad Credit ---When I was in college, I remember black females taking out college loans to pay bills like (car note, rent, etc) and also getting credit cards. Some of them dropped out and run up the credit card bill. After all this they realize they do not have the money to pay back, so they go into bad credit.

6. Therapy Denial --- Some black women who are messed up from life experiences do not seek professional help. They think family and friends are helping heal the wounds. That sometimes work, but it’s not always effective.

7. Tasting Another Woman’s Honey ---These are Black women who date taken or married men and think that they are trustworthy. That’s just funny. For some reason, Black females are lead to believe that once they obtain their 'college degrees' that they are above this hoochified mentality. To my educated Sisters, I leave with this one name: KARIN SANFORD, Ph.D!

8. Blinded by Bling ---This is the one of the main problems in the black community today. These Black women would have a Lincoln Navigator but live in the 1 bedroom apartment with 2 kids. There are other Black females who will have a regular paying job but try to live like they are millionaires, using credit cards. Instead of getting materialistic things, they should invest in something and have some money when they are older. If I had a buck for every Black female I met who sported a Dooney and Bourke or Coach Leather bag, but couldn't afford to fill her gas tank up to the "F" level.

9. Buying into those Low Expectations ---People in our community should always try to do better than the previous generation. But actually too many Black females get caught up into their man hating mother's mistakes. Having babies out or wedlock is a very low expectation ladies. A high expectation would be waiting you've completed your education, started your career and getting married before having babies.

10. Holding Out For the Black Knight ---These Black females will say things like “I want a 6’3 male who is built, educated, have a Navigator and have a nice paying job”. These females are soo picky that the actual chance of finding that kind of man becomes very tough. But then they wonder why they can’t find a man.

11. Five Mile Rut ---These are Black females who live and die in the same exact neighborhood. Never venturing out to see and experience other places...

12. Taking “Big Girl” Too Far ---I know it’s cute for Black women to act like they are proud to be BIG but its VERY unhealthy and could shorten your life span. I notice most BIG Black women lose weight to look good physically and not because it’s more healthier. It’s just something I’ve noticed.

13. Playing Defense --This is when family members and friends try to give constructive criticism to a Black woman and she fires back in defense, not even taking account of their comments.

14. Being A “Don’t Take No Mess” Sista ---This is a very large problem with Black women in our community. These Black females act like a cartoon of a “ghetto black girl”. They are sooooo fukking ignorant that they think it’s cool to act like a fool. They also look down on people who talk proper English. You can find them everyday at the supermarkets, at the workplace, or making their daily appearance on the Judge Mathis show.

15. Hating, Not Congratulating ---This is common in the black community. These are Black females who hate and get jealous of another Black female who is doing better than them. We should always support people who are trying to do something with their life. If you see your girlfriend doing well, that should motivate you to do something with your life.

16. The Baby Daddy Trap ---This is just a straight ghetto tactic. There are Black females who get pregnant and have a baby to keep a man around. The thing is that this rarely works. That’s one of the reasons why there is soooo many single black female households.

17. Good Girl Complex ---These Black females plan their life based on what their parents expect. They will later in life work in a field they don’t like and currently in a unhappy marriage. They don’t think for themselves, they let their parents run their life.

18. Breaking Down Brothers --Most black females have a negative view of black males and because of this they ignore a lot of good brothas just because they think they are the same. Maybe if some black females open their eyes, they would come across some good brothas.

19. Not Reaching Back ---Most successful blacks Females forget where they come from. Even here on _______, we discovered that many Black females have no obligation or duty to return their talents and skills back to the Black community where they live. Also when Black females are in powerful positions, they don’t try to help another black female just because they want to be the “only black female”. They need to stop being greedy and help each other.

20. Unsafe Sex ---Black women need to use their heads when it comes to sex, instead of trying to get a quick thrill or play dumb. We all know that the AIDS rate among Black females is the fastest growing in the United States. Still, they are are asking the dumb question, "why doesn't the Black man want to wear condoms." They are not thinking about protecting their health, and that's sad.

I don't know whom this author is...some of the points are on bang on target, especially items, ummmm 1--20!!! LOL



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