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Stop Tripping...

Man stop tripping! I am sick and tired of talking to men/women who are tripping out over a simple piece of ass!

When you decide to have a strictly sexual relationship with a person, don't get mad or upset when all you get from them is sex. A strictly sexual relationship in my opinion is one that consists of well, sex! You meet, you may exchange a few pleasantries, and then you commence to phucking.

The rules of engagement must be explict prior to engaging in this form of relationship. That means a clear and concise understanding of the rules. In order for this relationship of just sex to last, there can be no gray stone should be left unturned. You will discuss the number of times you will meet, and also whether or not you will be engaging in various types of sexual pleasures.

Unfortunately, I find that even men and women can get confused and allow things to occur that shouldn't, so I have compiled a list of do's and dont's.

Do Practice Safe Sex - condoms/dental dam
Do know what the boundaries are
Do take pleasure in each other - sexually
Learn/teach each other new and exciting ways of obtaining pleasure
Do be at your sexiest for him/her when you meet
Do wash your ass
Do go to a neutral area - hotel/motel

Call him/her everyday
Don't get too involved in their daily lives
Don't expect a damn thing other than what you asked for - and that should be sex
Don't ask them to go anywhere with you - other than to the bedroom or whereever it is you plan on having sex
Don't fall for him/her
Don't engage in pillow talk - this can be hard, thats why you should get up, shower, & roll out
Don't spend the night
Don't introduce them to your child(ren)
Don't introduce them to your family or friends - if you happen to accidentally run into someone you know, talk to them, acknowledge your friend, and keep it moving
Don't equate Sex with Love - its just sex, good sex, hott sex, but sex nonetheless

The last don't is important, because we all know that sex can complicate matters! It can confuse you into thinking that something is there when its not. It can make you yearn for that person in ways in which you shouldn't. I'm not saying don't yearn for them if the sex is off the chain. What I am saying is don't yearn for them in a romantic and/or permanent since of the word. Strictly sexual relationships can last a while if the two parties involved are of the same mindset, but eventually that will wane for one or both parties and the two will move on. Will you remain friends, maybe, but a friend would know a little bit more about you than what I am saying here.

What I have found is that usually women tend to fall into the category of wanting more from the man. This is what I call equating sex with love. That's why I advise that these relationships be done on neutral territory, such as a motel/hotel. That way it will avoid the other person from rifling through your personal effects. Yes, folks will try and go through your drawers, closets, cabinets, briefcase, laptop, whatever it is they think will hold the key to "catching" you doing wrong. Although there have been some men that end up getting whipped from strictly sexual relationships, I find that it is more common amongst women. (Yes, I've been there, so I am speaking of experience)

I know I'm not the only one that has seen this attiude of "tripping" in people. Don't you just want to grab them and shake the shit out of them for acting crazy over a phuck!!! Stop tripping over a simple piece of ass...what started out as a strictly sexual union may often times end the same way. Let go...and on to the next one or not.



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