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World AIDS Day

I was having a conversation with one of my nephews babies momma and I found out that she recently miscarried. This is very upsetting altogether at the loss of life. I expressed my condolences, and personally I feel its for the best, because she can barely take care of the one she has, let alone bring another life into the struggle.

Now as sad as that is, it made me think...hmmm this chick is still having unprotected and unsafe sex. Condoms cost about $10.00, a baby, over $100k in a lifetime, if not more, and the cocktails for HIV/AIDS are atronomical...WTF is she thinking? She barely knows the dude and in less than six months she trusts him enough to have him not wear a condom. When I asked her, she said "he told me he wasn't sleeping with anyone else" now be that as it may, because it may be true, why, why, why, did she think that him telling her so made him CLEAN! What about all of the other women he slept with prior to you, for that matter what about the men you've slept with prior to him. How many men (my nephew included) have you allowed inside of you without protection? No its none of my business...but the question bares an answer and in my opinion it bares repeating. I mean what does a non infected HIV/AIDS, Chlamydia, Syphilis, Gonorrhea, Herpes having/carrying, individual look like? Can you please explain to me, why in the Blue Hell folks are still "doing it" without a condom?

Its not just folks in their teens and twenties...Hell a teenager can get away with a little (only a little) bit of stupidity, but an adult...hell no, you gets no pass. There are too many places out here to get items to ensure safe sex. Its up to the two individuals. I know folks in their late thirties, forties, and fifties, still trying to slide up in folks without a condom...and I know alot of women that allow them to do it. They think that with age, they aren't susceptible to contracting ANYTHING. Women think because they are pre-menopausal and not likely to concieve that its OK.

Yes, we can all get caught up in the moment. We may even want to know how a person feels skin to skin, because for so long we have all been using condoms. No one likes to have that barrier between two people (self included) say that it is too tight, or that they don't get the proper sensation as they would without it. That may be true, but think about this gentlemen, wouldn't you rather wear a condom and prevent one of the aforementioned diseases above or would you rather use your dyck as a die and crap out? The same goes for the ladies...just because it feels good, doesn't mean a damn thing.

Today is Worlds AIDS Day, and all across the world, clinics and other health organinzations are giving indivduals the chance to get tested for free. Here in America, we should all know that the majority of individuals living with the HIV/AIDS virus consist of African American single heterosexual females.

I'm not saying that folks need to stop having sex...oh hell naw! What I am saying, is that you need to be safe about it. Always wear protection, always, and at all times, and should the two individuals as whole decide that the timing is right to remove the proctection, then I feel that two together should go and get tested.

As they are telling folks today, get tested ---- often!



Anonymous said…
I agree whole heartedly on this topic. I have an Uncle in his late fifties out there doing his thang an whatnot. The AIDS rate in that generation is rising like crazy also! We have a responsibility to protect ourselves because all of our lives depend on it.

Peace & Love,
SassyScribe said…
Sadly, as a single woman in her late 30's, and trust me, I know men that want to RAW DAWG it...not happening with the kid here!

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