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Oral Sex Nazi's

I know this may be repetitive, but it bares repeating...
For me there is nothing more satisfying nor more gratifying than orally pleasuring my man! I just don't understand how a sista could not willing fall to her knees before and submit to him everyday! Ladies...imagine going home, preparing yourself and as soon as he walks in the door, you surprise him. Hell, treat his azz like the GodFather, and do him a favor...everyday you do a favor for him and he will appreciate it...Some men deserve it for being the good men that they are...
But know this gentlemen, just because this blog focuses on the men, doesn't mean that WE (women) should be neglected by you in this area....every woman deserves it as well.

But I write this not for my love of oral pleasure, but because of the oral nazi's I hear about. How in the hell can you not make love to your S.O. in this way? Trust me, I ain't lying beside a man that won't do least I won't lay beside him for long...because if he won't do it, someone will. Shyt, I get offers there is no shortage of men willingly wanting to do it...but then I'm not married, nor involved with in a committed relationship. But I thought about this as if I was in a committed relaitonship....If your spouse or significant other does not perform oral sex on you, will you go out and have it taken care of my someone else? If so, is oral sex cheating? Is it selfish of your S.O. to withhold this most pleasurable of services to you?



Anonymous said…
Yes it is SELFISH and down right IGNORANT if you ask me Sass! EVERYBODY should be getting licked, pulled, jerked, squeezed and sucked on a daily or regular basis as far as I am concerned! For anyone of you to think otherwise when you are Married or in a committed relationship is whack! The other thing is not to change once you are in a relationship. I have seen and heard of Sistah's sucking a brotha' dry until he says "I Do!" then everything changes up and you know that ain't right! Either your gonna do it or your not. Just don't be fake about it. I don't think it is right for you to go and get it anywhere else if you are in a COMMITTED RELATIONSHIP either! That's cheating in my book and I don't care how you slice it. Oral sex is SEX all day long once your put your mouth on somebody elses genitalia! Break up first and then go out and get your thang on with somebody that is on your sexual level...Life is too short to be trippin'..

Peace & Love,
SassyScribe said…
Yes, folks do trip...ladies and gentlemen, please release yourself from the Oral Sex Nazi and find yourself someone willing and able to please U...because eating/sucking is cheating (I think)!

launch said…
oral sex outside of a committed relationship is cheating and i agree. I f you truly desire to be orally satisfied you must be able to talk to your S.O. to satisfy that need. Tell them what your needs are and if they are decent S.O they will recognize that makes their mate happy. I don't care what your friends say; nothing is undefiled in the bedroom between a committed couple. Why would you ask bedroom advice from someone who is not with someone. that is like asking a bald person how to grow hair. it is a form of lunacy. I say whatever you did beofre you got married to continue. or if you are not careful they will look to satisfy that need someplace else. Since knowledge is power those same oral sex nazi's that tell you not to service your mate. make sure they aren't going to your residence to provide the service you won't do. some people have no morals. like ruben studdard sings why you wanna change me
SassyScribe said…
Hey the sex nazi is alive and well...they always receive it, but they never return would it be wrong to go and get it done by someone else...I say no...first of all you need to leave that man/woman alone and find someone that will satisfy you in that area...otherwise you should ask why are you with him/her.

I know that nothing is undefined between a committed couple, I am the first to say that you should ensure your mates sexual needs are keeps the flame burning.

As for asking advice from someone that has no one...well folks ask me all the time and I am 100% what do you say to that?

As for the person sneaking over your house to do that which you won't do, well that person is a crudball and you don't want them as a friend anyway.

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