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Oral Sex - Is It Sex?

I have been sitting here, thinking about sex as I do most days, and this thought popped into my head...

Is Oral Sex - Sex? If there is no penetration of the vaginal cavity and all you do or have done is oral it sex? It makes me think of former President Clinton when he said "I did not have sexual relations with that woman" well in a sense, isn't he right...she performed oral sex on him...he did not penetrate her at all. So did they have sex or were they just fooling around?

I'm just asking because a friend said if he isn't in a womans "hot box" then he didn't have sex...another friend said "eatin' ain't cheatin" makes me go hmmmm so please...leave your comment's and thoughts...



Anonymous said…
The FACT is Oral pleasure is not sex according to the english dictionary because there is no possibility of procreation, but the TRUTH is that it is SEX in my opinion! Then of course the TRUTH is also relevent to each individual person and what they believe of course! LOL My TRUTH is that if you put your mouth on another persons genitals then you are participating in a sex act. They may not be able to squirt in your mouth to make you pregnant, but they sure can squirt some "mean deseases" in there if your not careful! You know me Sass, just trying to give your peeps something to think about as always..

Peace & Love,
SassyScribe said…

I feel what you're saying, however, I am conflicted on this topic. On the one hand, this is a most intimate of acts, more intimate than I think the actual act of penetration is. On the other hand, its just as risky as phucking sans I don't know, I guess it boils down to each his own...

Where are the women...I want to hear from men and women on this topic.

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