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Thanksgiving Blessings

At the eve of my 39th Thanksgiving, I have to pause and give thanks for my many, many blessings.

I am so very blessed to have been born and raised in a loving home with two parents, one brother, and three sisters. They loved me and always encouraged me to be the best at whatever it is I choose to do. I am blessed in the love, caring, and support that they have given me through all of my trials, tribulations, joys, and sorrows.

I have to add to that the love and support that I get from my extended family, not to mention my true true friends.

I want to take this time to thank you all for being there for me! I know that at times I can be rude, brisk, tactless, moody, angry, bitchy, irate, irritable, and at times obnoxious and intolerable, and yet you all continue to love me. You don't hesitate to put me in my place when I become "more than the average human" can bare.

To the readers of my books and the blogs, thank you for reading the my daily ramblings! I really appreciate it!

So tonight while, I baste, braise, saute, simmer, and bake...I will send up a prayer of thanks to my Lord and Saviour for blessing me. And I wish you and yours a Blessed and Peaceful Thanksgiving.



Anonymous said…
I send the same blessings right back to you and yours SassyScribe!I am so glad that we were able to cross paths this year! =) You're blogs have been a huge blessings in my life in a number of different ways..

Peace & blessings,

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