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Low Maintenance Women

Are the women of today low maintenance?

A comment was made on a radio show this morning that the women of today are low maintenance. That all they require of a man is for them to get their manicures, pedicures, and hair neatly coiffed and maybe a pair of Reebok's.

I laughed, but when you look at the way some people are, that is all that they require. See I think that women aren't demanding men to court them, date them and/or treat them as ladies should be treated. It is in my opinion that some women, have hardened themselves and their hearts because of the expectations that they are faced to live up to. I have heard that some women act as men, but in the end, that woman who has as much if not more game than the man, goes home lonely and alone, because of that outer shell she felt she had to show.

I think that women must first know themselves, before they can allow anyone on any level in their life. Be it a man or a woman, they need to know what first means to be a persons friend, a true friend, not a fairweather friend, but a friend you can talk to and that is their for you in good times and bad. They need to know how to love to express love in a positive way and not negatively. They also should know what love feels like.

It is hard to recognize a man loving you, when you have never received love from any of the men in your life. Not sex ladies, but love. If a woman hasn't been shown love...or how to just be happy being herself, then she is essence lost...because she does not know herself.

Finally ladies, what women need to do, is to refrain/abstain from any and all intimate relations and it will weed out the person that is feeling you for you as a person/individual and not feeling you as a sexual object. Don't get it twisted, he is feeling you in a physical sense, but if he truly likes you, he will treat and respect you as you are, and not try to change you to whom he wants you to be.

Don't settle for less than your worth. Don't expect anything from anybody, other than for them to say what they mean and mean what they say. If a man tells you that he if you don't sleep with him someone will, tell "I wish you success with that" don't get mad, angry, vindictive, or vengeful...granted those words may hurt, but in the end you have eliminated this type of man that you know wasn't good for your soul from your life. Move on...

So are the women of today low maintenance?



Anonymous said…
Hello Sassy,
I know of NO "Low Maintenance" Sistah to speak of! They may say that they are to get in, but you can't tell me that a real woman doesn't want to be pampered and taken care of by her man! I think this sort of mindset started to take place when the brothers started dropping the ball on our basic responsibilities as men. Most women have lowered their "expectations" in this area in order to stay in the market so to speak. It's really sad but oh so true. Men are not raising their boys on how to grow up to be the chivalrous, respectable gentlemen that we are destined to be anymore! Some women may say that the are "LM" to get in, but the stripes on that zebra will change eventually after you all have been together for a while..

Peace & Love,

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