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The Hook

His body stood in the window, looking out into the bare parking lot. At 5'9", his smooth caramel form was toned. As he shifted from one foot to another the strength in his legs was expressed by the muscles flexing in the lamplight. His eyes scanned the road looking for her car. With each passing headlight his body grew impatient. She was supposed to have been there, over an hour ago. Turning from the window, he strode into the bathroom. Stepping into the shower, he turned on the water and began soaping his body; his intention to be clean by the time she got there. He heard the sound of the door click a few minutes later. She didn't say a word and neither did he.

My body was on fire. With each mile, I grew moist. My body clenched at the thought of having The Hook again. The last time I had THE HOOK, he made me cum so hard, like a female ejaculation. I remembered how he ate my pussy. I could still feel his body inside of me. My lower lips clenched. The feeling of butterflies settled in the pit of my stomach. I couldn't wait.

As I pulled into the parking lot and shut off the engine. I ran to the hotel, through the lobby and to the elevator. The doors closed and whisked me to my floor. Impatiently I walked briskly to the room. I could smell his cologne outside the door. I heard the shower running. Quickly I divested myself of my clothes, and jewelry. I wrapped up my hair and pulled back the curtain.
He smiled at me, holding out his hand to help me into the shower tub. No words were spoken. He pulled me to him, his body hard and ready. I was just as ready. My body was eagerly waiting to feel him inside of me. He pressed me against the shower wall, the water flowing hotly over our bodies. He soaped me from head to toe, toying with my I fondled his long thick shaft. Once he deemed us clean, he turned off the water and toweled us dry. We walked into the bedroom.

He pushed me back on the bed, running his hands up and down my body. Slowly, he positioned himself between my legs. With his strong foreams he kept my legs open as he prepared to eat me. With his fingers he pulled my lips apart, licking around them slowly. The feel of his hot wet tongue sent my body into overdrive. I clenched once, his lip stroked me again. The walls of my pussy quivered, then he latched onto my clit. The tingling sensations from the slow, sure, and swift movements of his tongue at first tickled, then turned into an explosive feeling of intense pleasure. The juices flowed from my body, making his face slick and shiny.

Slapping me on my thigh, he climbed atop my body, stopping to rub his thick dick between my legs before bringing his body to straddle my face. He took my arms and sat upon them, rendering me helpless. Taking his dick, he rubbed it against my lips. The heady essence of my body covered him. I looked into his eyes and opened my hot waiting mouth. Slowly, he slid his body into my mouth. At the feel of my tongue on his dick, his eyes closed, then opened challenging me with his eyes to take it all down. I lifted my head, widened my mouth, relaxed my jaw and throat to deep throat him. Up and down my head moved, his body moving up and down. His dick was long and smooth, and the taste of my body on him made me want to taste his body in my mouth. His movements increased, I knew he was about to cum. Shaking his head in the negative, he slid off of me, he turned over and I moved between his legs. I slipped my mouth back over him, wanting to bring him to a climax with nothing but my mouth. He gripped me by the head and began to thrust long and hard into my mouth. I didn't gag, I took it in. The sounds of my slurping grew louder. He moaned then his body began to stiffen as he gripped by head and gyrated his hips into my face. His breathing began to labor, coming in short quick gasps, then I felt his body tense just as I began to taste his cum. The sensations of him cuming in my mouth brought me to an orgasm. I was fingering my body as I drank his essence. Sex permeated the air. He slipped his dick out of my mouth and smiled at me. I wiped a hand across my mouth, then sucked his cum from my fingers as I stared at him.

Finally, I spoke, "So is there anything else I can do to make you feel good?" He smiled, then laughed. I gave him a few minutes to recoup, then I woke him up. Once again, giving him what I like to do the most, deep throating a dick. Especially THE HOOK.

"Man what a way to wake up. With someone sucking your dick..!"


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