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Civil Rights Icon - Corretta Scott King

Corretta Scott King, the wife of the late Reverend Doctor Marting Luther King, Jr., quietly crossed over in the early morning of January 31, 2006, she was 78.

Ms. King, a Civil Rights Icon in her own right, continued with the fight for equality of the races after the assassination of her late husband. Four days after he was laid to rest, she led 50,000 people with a march in Alabama. She was carried herself with grace and a quiet dignity, and was the epitome of the phrase "behind every good man is a great woman", she continually portrayed that mantra through the years, with her tireless efforts of ensuring the basic human rights for all.

In the summer of 2005, she suffered from a mild heartattack and a stroke, of which she never truly recovered.

Her legacy, as well as that of her husbands will be missed.

They have left a void in society today, where no longer people stand against inequality. They no longer hold sit ins, and boycotts. They don't march and protest. They talk and they talk and then in the end, they talk some more. Unfortunately, the generations after them, (mine included) seem to loose daily, the struggles that our fore fathers fought so hard for. We take for granted certain inailiable rights, that if we were to look into more political issues, such as The Patriot Act and the Voting Rights Act, we will see how precarious our rights are. The Patriot Act violates our rights of five Amendments that I can think of off of the top of my head. The Voting Rights Act, expires in 2007, of which, if it is not renewed, then Blacks and other minorities no longer have the right to vote. If that doesn't make one delve into and/or attempt to research political policies and issues in their area, then nothing will. I don't feel a sense of urgency and pride within my race as I used to.

Even I, at times tend to fall short and forget of the struggles. However, it is a goal of mine to do more withing and for my community in whatever form, capacity, or fashion that I can.

Again, Mrs. Corretta Scott-King will be missed.



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