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Sex at the Beach

We enter into our Oceanside room overlooking Virginia Beach. The four-room suite has a bedroom with a fireplace and Jacuzzi tub and huge separate marble bath with eight showerheads. There is also a small kitchenette with a wicker glass topped table and matching chairs and a sitting area.

As darkness falls, I light candles throughout the room while you start the fireplace. You stretch out across the bed in those sexy boxer briefs I love. I kneel on the bed beside you and begin to place hot moist kisses on your body from head to toe and back again. I watch you grow and swell against those briefs, as I start to fondle you there, releasing you from ‘prison’. I kiss the underside of your hardness sliding my tongue up and down. I grip the base to keep it still and just place it in my mouth feeling you throb inside their, all hot and eager for you…my mouth is watering...Slowly I move up and down, my tongue moving across the head of your dyck...I cannot control the saliva building up making it slick. I want to feel you move that muscle in my mouth.

Climbing between your legs, I slid my arms under your hips [one of my favorite oral positions] to suck you in as deep and close as possible. I want to feel you in my throat. Several long minutes pass and you lift my head up and guide me to the sliding glass door. There you slide my teddy off me, while rubbing your beard on my shoulders and neck before trailing kisses down my spine. {You know that makes me hot}. You bend me over slightly, pressing my body against the glass and sink into me…deeply. I am so hot and ready for you. I am slippery inside…soaking…dripping. We don’t care if anyone sees our silhouette from the flickering candles, we don’t care if they can see me…all you’re worried about is making me climax as hard and fast as possible. I arch my back more to grant you deeper access- hmmmmyesss, with one final thrust we came together… our bodies satisfied glistening with our juices and sweat! As you slide out of me, you turn on the Jacuzzi and we lowered ourselves into the warm water -our heart rates calming, our bodies preparing for round two.



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