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Fantasies...Dreams...or is it Reality....

You Decide...

I arrived at your door dressed in a long trench coat. Peaking beneath the hem, you see sheer black hose and high-heeled black strappy sandals. You open the door ready to leave…as we ride along in your car, the coat opens up to reveal creamy chocolate thigh- making it hard for you to concentrate. We enter into the theater and purchase our tickets and concessions. Once inside we take our seats in the far right back row. The theater is near empty. I placed the hot bucket of buttery popcorn between my legs. For a while, I allow you to snack on that, but as you reach over for a final time (like 30 minutes b4 the movie ends), you find the popcorn gone. You felt the garter and my hot smooth skin. Your eyes grew wide with excitement and shock at the same and you whispered “What do you have on ?” “Nothing” I said, “but my hot flesh waiting – for you.”

My body was oh so wet yearning to feel your fingers glide inside of me. For the last 30 minutes, you dipped your fingers inside of me in a smooth rhythm. By the time the movie ended, you were ready to get back home. But, I wanted a drink. We stopped at a small club, where I proceeded to drink my drink oh so slowly. Small beads of sweat appeared on your brow and top lip. I enjoyed watching you sweat.

On the ride home, I sit in the back seat of the car to reveal what I have on underneath. I unbuttoned my coat and spread my legs wide for you. I sucked on two fingers and trailed them around my nipples. Then sucked on them again before I moved them between my legs. I played with myself for you on the ride home, moving my fingers as if it were you. Slowly moving in and out in long slow deep strokes.

Once inside you grabbed me, and thrust your tongue into my mouth. And laid me over the couch azz up. You went into your kitchen and got a bottle of chocolate syrup and spread it on my azz and “lips”. You then bent down and licked it off of me. Once that was done, you grabbed the bottle again and poured it onto your “body”. I flipped over so you could straddle my face. My mouth was watering, I couldn’t wait to taste you and the chocolate mixed together. I licked your shaft slowly, in long smooth strokes. I then opened my mouth and took all of you inside of me.I felt your knees shake and your balls tighten. I couldn’t wait to pull it out of you. I had to and I wouldn’t and didn’t stop until I did. But you held off. You flipped me over and ran your tongue down my body. Sucking on my nipples before getting to my spot. You opened my lips and ran your tongue around it, and then your tongue slide inside my hotness. In and out, side to side drinking my essence. Inhaling my scent. I couldn’t stand it, I had to feel YOU all of YOU inside of me. Not just your finger or your tongue, but YOU.

You climbed on top of me and teased me with the head…then slide completely inside inch by inch before we were completely connected. You rode me for a while before wanting me on top of you. I slide down slowly filling myself with you. I can feel the head throbbing inside. I move my body up and down slowly, sometimes getting off of you completely and then getting right back on. But that didn’t last long. When we finally came you leaned over and said “Sassy...that was foreplay. Now lets make love.”

Fantasy...a dream...or reality....YOU decide...


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launch said…
another steamy post of people in tune with themselves.

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