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Dating SAGA Continues...

Remember when I stated that I was a member of a couple of dating sites...well guess what, over the past few weeks I've talked to and met a couple of really NICE men. I mean genuinely nice. Women are so quick to say that there aren't any nice men out there, but that has not been the case for me. I too used to say that, having only had experiences with men wanting only one thing from me it is hard to believe that some men really want to get to know a person before jumping their bones. Crude way of putting it, but if we as women are selective in our choices of men, why do we find it so hard to believe that men aren't as selective as we are. A friend told me that I "don't trust situations"...and at first I stood him down that he was wrong, but after I mulled the statement over in my mind I came to realize that he was correct. I DON'T TRUST SITUATIONS WITH MEN! I've never had to, because they have always held true to the fact that they couldn't be trusted. So why place my trust in a gender that has repeatedly misused that trust?!?!? Go figure, yet plenty of women do it every day. However, I digress...

The point is that I have found that there is a certain level of comfort in online dating. For the one thing they come to ME! That allows me the opportunity to review their profile information and photos. If I receive a note from someone without a picture on their profile I send back the standard response "Mysteries aren't my thing, please post a photo on your profile." For me online give me the chance to be ME! What you see is what you get, at least in my case, but that isn't the case in all of the profiles you read. Honestly, what the hell are some people thinking...I mean, why would you post a photo of yourself from fifteen years ago and then agree to set up a meeting looking like someone completely different! This goes into your character, for me it does. I have to really question you at that point, because I am expecting someone vastly different than the person that arrived.

This one man sent me an email and it stated "I know I don't fit your age or height requirements...but" I stopped reading because you didn't fit my requirements, so why am I taking the time to talk to you???? Explain it to me people what did he not understand about "age-35-45, height 6' and over" ? To me its self what was his issue AND to top it all off he had no photo....WTF!

Long story short, my calendar is filling up and there aren't enough hours in a day...NO I'm not complaining...but my girlz have mad jokes about my cell blowing up regularly and the amount of new "friends" I have in my life...

Hey its rough, but "a girls gotta eat"...



Anonymous said…
Glad somebody knows that us good brothers are out there and anytime you want to taste my passion baby you know how to find me.


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