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Is This the Norm?

When did it become okay to discuss current relationships with people? I mean is this the norm? Or did I miss something?

I ask, because here lately I have noticed that many of my friends think it is okay to discuss issues that they are having with the opposite sex with me...its not the point of my getting upset. I don't get upset because we are just friends and we are both still dating. My point is this, I know you're dating, but I don't need NOR WANT to hear about your issues, escapades, dalliances, conversations that you are having with "other" said individual(s).

I really try to avoid this type of conversation at all costs, because I do not discuss my issues with the men I date with other men that I date, and I'm wondering...why are they doing this? Now, I will admit, that I've discussed issues with men I've dated in the past, bad blind dates, or disastrous dates, but not with anyone I am currently seeing...I usually save those conversations for strictly platonic friendships or my gay male friends.

I'd like to this phenomenon new? Am I wrong for getting irritated?

Help a sista out...



Soulchild74 said…
LOL!!! I hear you Sass. Here is my take on it. You may want to hear how these problems play out. You might catch a brotha slippin and confess that he choked a trick. You don't need that stress in your life.

But seriously, if he is whining to you about his past escapades and problems, do you really want to be with a man like that? Tell him to man up and stop the madness.

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